Longveld is a world-class manufacturer of primary food processing machinery, systems and equipment, and an expert in custom metal fabrication.


Welcome to Longveld


Welcome to Longveld, multi-award winning experts in custom metal fabrication and
manufacturers of primary food processing machinery, systems and equipment.

We have been servicing the food sector in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Indonesia
from our base in Hamilton, New Zealand since 1992.

We hold true to our values of courage, respect and wholeheartedness, and with our practical and innovative minds
and desire to manufacture items of the highest quality, you can be assured of our professionalism.

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Communication, service, advice and expertise of Longveld staff are of a very high calibre. People are the key, and its clear to me that Longveld has a brilliant mix of people.

Jason Addison, Project Manager - Coffey Projects