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With the Longveld Stack you can leave all this behind…

Old Dairy Hot Water System

Longveld Stack. The smart dairy hot water system.

Longveld have launched a new, improved design of their Longveld Stack dairy hot water system. The Longveld Stack has revolutionised how dairy farmers heat water using gas instead of electricity to clean their milking plant and milk vat. This combines your hot water cylinder and dump tank in one relocatable, compact and secure unit, minimising pipework. The patented design retains Bosch’s world-class gas technology. Benefits remain numerous.

Hot water when you need it 24/7

Longveld Stack is available in 3 sizes – 400, 600 and 1,000 litres. You only need one unit for all your daily cleaning operations because the system will heat water quickly, as and when you need it. For instance the 600 model will deliver 600 litres of hot water at 85°C in around an hour. You aren’t restricted by the common electric heating problems of power outages or all-day cylinder heating times. You can say goodbye to the need for multiple hot water cylinders.

Eliminates ineffective cleaning caused by shortage of hot water

Industry guidelines require plant wash cycles to use water of sufficient volume and temperature to allow optimal agitation and detergent action. Temperatures need to be high enough to stop fat and protein redepositing on plant surfaces. If you don’t have time to heat enough water for each wash cycle you risk getting increased bacterial growth. Longveld Stack’s rapid heating eliminates this problem. Longveld Stack delivers all the hot water you need, at the right temperature, when you want it.

Immediate energy savings guaranteed

Dairy farmers are saving up to 45% of their water heating costs with Longveld Stack. Many farmers are using more hot water after installing Longveld Stack, particularly during calving. This is because for the first time they don’t have to restrict their use to ensure they have enough for their plant and vat cleaning, but they are still saving on their water heating costs.

Connects to your heat recovery for further savings

Longveld Stack can be connected to your heat recovery system to further enhance cost savings. The sooner you get it installed the quicker the payback.

Simple programmable settings

You can set multiple start times on the programmable controller to start the heating cycle so the water is automatically up to temperature exactly when you need it. That means less time at the shed, more time for breakfast.

Small, flexible, relocatable footprint

Longveld Stack has a small footprint diameter of 1.05m to 1.25m, depending on the model size, incorporating both the hot water cylinder and dump tank. Pipework is minimal because the components nest together. The cylinder and dump tank components rotate independently so that inlets and outlets will fit any existing shed layout. The system is relocatable so if you move farms you can take it with you.

Increased safety & nutrient security

Longveld Stack is child-resistant and tamper-resistant with lockable entry ports. The all-in-one enclosed design prevents the entry of insects, rodents and birds into your dump tank, providing greater food security. The water cylinder has a removable lid for farmers who need to thoroughly clean and sanitise their plant. The system is designed to seismic requirements.

Long life

The tank components have no crevices so you don’t get seam cracking. The hot water cylinder is fabricated from corrosion resistant 2205 stainless steel which will last the lifetime of your shed.

Installation won’t disrupt milking

Longveld Stack can be installed without any disruption to your milking routine so it can be installed year-round. The whole system takes two days to install and these don’t need to be consecutive. On day one all of the gas pipe work is fabricated so the site can be certified by a gas inspector. On day two the hot water system is connected between milking.

Instant 55˚c water on tap

The days of cold water clean-up after a winter vet visit are over. As an optional extra, Longveld can supply a 55°C instant hot water supply tap and hose which completely eliminates the hazard of carrying buckets of 85°C water around the shed. This on-demand supply operates independently from the cylinder supply. It’s perfect for cleaning calf feeding equipment.

Gas installation

The gas installation is different for each farm depending on dairy shed layout and location of the farm. This will be assessed for you and the installation will be priced accordingly. LPG is supplied in cylinders to suit your application and on a rotation that suits your requirements. Depending on location you may be able to utilise one or two 210kg (411L) cylinders complete with a changeover regulator. These gas cylinders are filled on-site by a bobtail truck. Alternatively you will require a bank of 45kg (88L) cylinders with a changeover regulator and manifold.

We can supply manifolds, regulators and a platform to securely house the bottles. We recommend and can put you in touch with Elgas, our preferred gas supplier.

Retrofit option

Gas hot water is also available as a retrofit kit that fits to your existing hot water cylinder/s. It uses the Bosch gas retrofit dairy kit which includes a Bosch 32 continuous flow commercial gas water heater, a recirculation pump, a controller for programming hot water schedules, and a patented valve that allows an existing port to be used for both entry and exit of water.


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Capacity, L4006001,000
Height, m2.22.652.65
Base diameter, m1.011.011.35
Diameter including boiler housing, m1.91.92.2

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