Stainless Steel Fabrication and Engineering is our Game

Longveld is an expert in stainless steel fabrication and engineering of components for food grade primary processing and handling systems, throughout the supply chain from food source to the processing plant. We have operated in the food sector at an international level for over 25 years.

Our purpose is to assist our customers to deliver global food safety and we are a preferred supplier in dairy, food and beverage applications to global operators such as Fonterra, GEA, Tetra Pak, AB Mauri and BBC Technologies. What they all have in common is a requirement for high quality, innovative problem solving, and utmost professionalism.

Many of our customers involve us early on in their design process to utilise our fabrication knowledge and ensure the most productive and problem-free design and build outcome. Our attention to detail builds trust. We achieve extremely tight fabrication tolerances so our customers can plan with “no-surprises” confidence.

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We excel in the stainless steel fabrication of:

  • specialist process and packaging equipment for both liquids and dry powder handling
  • tanks and silos
  • liquid transport tankers
  • cyclones
  • augers and extruders
  • ducting
  • cabinetry

Long-standing contracts

Our level of skill has been instrumental in retaining our long-standing contract to design and fabricate the milk tanker fleet that New Zealand trusts to transport our nation’s most precious commodity from farm to factory. We have held this contract with Fonterra and formerly New Zealand Dairy Group, since 1999. More recently this trust has been extended to a long term contract to manufacture milk vats for Fonterra’s dairy farmer suppliers. We extend this business model to other customers where possible to build intimate understanding of their requirements and therefore deliver a superior outcome.

Coded welding

We manufacture pressure vessels from specialty metals and carry out projects designed to AS-NZS, BSEN, API and ASME standards. We own procedures under these standards and have a team qualified and experienced under these procedures for both workshop and on-site projects.

Site installation for turn-key projects

Our tradespeople accompany Longveld’s fabrication projects across the world to provide expert site supervision for the installation phase. Around one third of our New Zealand team are migrants for whom English is a second language so we are accustomed to communicating through language barriers. Our people are experienced in supervising locally hired crews and training them in the skills required to get the job done.