Waterjet Profile Cutter

Waterjet Profile Cutter

Longveld’s waterjet cutting service is accurate and cost effective.

Longveld have a precision waterjet profile cutting service which utilises an extremely accurate technology and high pressure 60,000psi water and garnet cutting stream. Our Techni Waterjet 4000-X2 operates as follows:

  • 1mm cutting stream
  • 1mm tolerance
  • cuts up to 200mm thickness hard materials or 300mm thickness soft materials
  • CNC operated from DXF files
  • multi-directional cutting in the x and y axis
  • perforates most materials without starting holes
  • flexible machine integration
  • bevel cutting capacity

We can work with your drawings or create CAD files for you from sketches or patterns. Waterjet is ideal for low volume one-offs, prototypes and fine intricate shapes.

Waterjet profile cutting has several advantages over other cutting technologies:

No heat affected zone

Waterjet is a cold cutting process so there is no heat affected zone. This means no warping or surface hardening, and no grinding required for weld preparation.


Waterjet will cut virtually any material faster than many conventional cutting tools, for example:

  • all metals
  • carbon fibre
  • non-toughened glass
  • granite
  • concrete
  • stone
  • plastic composites
  • rubber and foam

Waterjet can also cut fiber-reinforced materials, reflective materials, uneven surfaces and stacked layers of different materials.

Maximises material yields

Waterjet utilises a very fine cutting stream, or kerf, and this combined with no heat affected zone, enables tight nesting of only 1mm apart. In today’s world of high-priced raw materials and limited resources, waterjet’s small kerf and part-on-part nesting capabilities ensure maximum material yields, therefore increasing cost-effectiveness.