The Fonterra vat asset programs are significant projects. Longveld has applied innovation to R&D and work diligently in continuous improvement. Longveld is very focused on the customer’s needs and is a pleasure to deal with.

Jamie Kett, On Farm Assets & Maintenance Manager New Zealand - Fonterra

What separates ‘good’ from ‘great’ is attention to detail coupled with outstanding service. Longveld combines both attributes into an exceptional manufacturing package. Longveld provides us with quick and efficient solutions to our sometimes demanding needs.

Craig Crocombe, Global Operations Manager - BBC Technologies

Longveld has been a trusted supplier and partner for many years. They continually deliver a cost competitive edge without compromising quality standards in one of the most developed dairy markets globally.

Chris Morgan, Senior Director/Market Area Leader Oceania - Tetra Pak

Longveld has talented people in all key roles. The team has a long term commitment to the success of our business through tough times and good. I could not be happier with the relationship and outcomes that our partnership generates.

Gordon Fell, Fleet Services and Build Manager - Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited

Longveld listened carefully to our brief, made excellent suggestions which complemented ours and followed through with superb workmanship. We found them approachable, professional, generous with their time and very customer focused.

Sue Storey, Keep Te Awamutu Beautiful Society - Waipa District Council

My Perth house staircase, was a tricky architectural stainless steel project – so tricky that I was only able to get three responses on the sixteen enquiries for supply, fabrication, transport and installation. Luckily one of those was from Longveld. They did a fabulous job, providing extremely high quality work, transported right to my door and installed by skilled, dedicated and friendly tradesmen from their Hamilton base. I’m too old to do it again - but if I was going to live for ever, I’d do it again with them.

John McCowan, Private Residence, Perth Australia

I attended the Kaumatua Blessing at Whakatane yesterday morning. Your team really came through on this and I wanted to thank and congratulate you all on an awesome response in terms of design, fabrication and installation. Well done to you all. Not only did you help the clients’ need for speed on this, but the product is spectacular.

Brian Squair, , Chairman Director, chowhill