Organisations need to think broadly and strategically about being sustainable. Financial success is important but comes as a result of getting many things right, including having a positive impact on our wider community and the industry we are part of. Our sustainability focus is on finding practical ways to make a contribution that can be leveraged by others for lasting impact.

Longveld recognises Māori as tāngata whenua, or “the people of the land” – a term that recognises Māori as the indigenous people of New Zealand. We acknowledge the iwi, or tribes, of our Waikato region who trace their tupuna, or ancestry, back to the Tainui waka, one of the ocean-going canoes that first brought Māori to our shores.

We recognise that New Zealand is a vibrant, multicultural society and we reflect that diversity at Longveld. Many team members are first generation migrants with 14 languages spoken here. Our aim is to ensure our business practices show respect and empathy for all cultures, both within our team and in our relationships with other stakeholders. Being wholehearted is an important value at Longveld. We want our team to be able to bring all of themselves to work, and interact authentically with others.

Work Placement

It is vital that we work proactively to build capability in our region’s future workforce. We support Wintec, our local polytechnic, by providing work placement opportunities for programmes Wintec runs in partnership with local high schools. Waikato Trades Academy (WTA) and Integrated in Engineering are programmes that provide trade training experience to young people while still at school. We also work in partnership with Wintec to run a Girls in Engineering programme to encourage more girls to consider a career in trade engineering.


Our intern programmes provide paid work experience for professional engineering students while they are completing their qualification. The students get the opportunity to apply their learning to real-life projects, while we get to sharpen up on new technology developments and have our thinking challenged.

Community support

We value and support the good work that community organisations undertake to make positive changes in our world, and provide financial assistance to the following organisations:

Child Matters

Child Matters is New Zealand’s only national charity dedicated to the prevention of child abuse. For over 20 years, this Hamilton-based organisation has led the way in advocating for the rights of children, and educating adults to prevent child abuse through accredited training programmes for professionals working with children.

Movember Foundation

The Movember Foundation is unique as a charity tackling men’s health on a global scale. By 2030, they aim to reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 25%. Millions have joined the movement, raising $710 million to help them fund over 1,200 men’s health projects focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. They have one goal: to stop men dying too young.

The Longveld team supports this valuable cause by participating in Movember to raise funds donated both by Longveld, and through each team member’s family, colleagues, friends and wider community.

Science Spinners Creative Lab

The Science Spinners Creative Lab gives year 9 & 10 Waikato students the chance to participate in a smorgasbord of scientific activities under the watchful eye of Kudos award winning scientists. Funded by Kudo Science Trust, students gain hands on experience in the creative lab doing some ‘everyday real-life’ problem solving over two days. This gives them the chance to interact with actual scientists, connect science with everyday life using everyday activities and encourage an awareness and enthusiasm for science that could guide them into studying more science related topics.

Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival

The Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival is the only one of its kind in New Zealand and offers unique spaces for performances to be viewed in ways that are not typically experienced. Unique artistic talents are showcased over 10 days in the absolutely stunning 54 acres of world class Hamilton Gardens.

Sistema Waikato

Sistema Waikato is a community-based social development program that uses music to teach children life skills. With four partner primary schools in the programme: Nawton, Crawshaw, Rhode Street and Forest Lake, Sistema provides free instrumental tuition in violin, cello and drums along with offering tuition in choir, orchestra and musicianship.

Kaivolution Food Rescue

Every day significant amounts of food considered good enough to eat but not good enough to sell is needlessly disposed of. Kaivolution Food Rescue collect this food from producers and redistributes it to community organisations who can use this food in our community.


Barnardos is a children’s charity, that helps children, families and whānau in need. They provide social support services to the most vulnerable children in our communities – including victims of family violence, addiction, neglect and abuse. They deliver guidance and support to parents, whānau and communities to help them build broader knowledge and resilience and offer early learning and childcare to under 5s to set children on the right path for better educational and life outcomes. Every year, the Longveld team runs a giving tree for staff to donate Christmas presents for children in need.

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